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I write dark and steamy stories about Dominant men,
Human and Alien,
and the women who love and submit to them.
Sometimes it's consensual.
Often it's not.

But in the end, there will always be love.

Be Warned:
There are more trigger warnings in my books than stars in the night sky.


cover of Fear and Desire with scared woman looking over her shoulder, over dark red roses
Cover of And  He Shall Rule Over Her, with back view of bridal gown on dark blue background
Cover of Odyssey, with back view of a woman in a blue-green gown gazing through a gate to blue-green water and star-filled sky

I don’t want to hurt them. But I will, if it means saving her.

It’s my job to train them. To prepare this group of terrified women for the men who will eventually buy them and break them for their own perverse pleasures.

I tell myself it’s for a purpose. That in the end, their suffering will be what saves them.

But then I see her. My Laura.

I know the pain I’ll be forced to give her will destroy what little bit of soul I have left inside of me. There is no mission, no greater good, that will ever redeem the horror I’ll have to inflict on her.

And when she’s stolen away from me by the very man I’ve sacrificed so much to take down, there’s nothing I won’t do, no one I won’t hurt, no corner of the world I won’t scour to find her.

Before she’s lost to me. Forever.



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