Brothers Dev and Garet are trying to cope with the death of their mate. They’ve been ordered to return to duty, but can’t afford to trust anyone else with the care of their three children.


They have their own secrets to guard.

When Emmie is thrust into their lives and then sneaks into their hearts, is she the solution to their problems, or a dangerous risk to their family? No matter how many times she promises obedience, they know she’s hiding something.

And as human women all around them continue to suffer, will Emmie’s secret be the answer to their cries of despair?

This is the final chapter of the trilogy, with themes of consensual D/s and punishments, rape, and explicit sex.


This can be a standalone book, but it’s best read in this order: Claimed, Owned, Saved, and Gifted. 

Meet the Anterrins you've been given to!


Nectar for the Gods Book 3
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Their human is hiding a dangerous secret.


As the supply of nectar on Anteros is threatened, the atrocities and greed escalate.

Emmie, held in the castle, has a future that looks very…short. Until a violent encounter in a dark cell changes everything. 


Now she has a life-threatening secret to protect—no matter the cost.