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Dan has sacrificed his life and his soul to this undercover mission.

But he won’t sacrifice Laura.

He prays every day that when this nightmare is over she'll be waiting for him, and she'll help him get through the guilt that will haunt him for the rest of his life.

Then Laura is ripped out of her protected world and thrust into his. Now she's a part of the darkness and despair that surrounds him. He must say things to her, and do things to her, that she might never forgive him for.

And when the carefully planned op goes terribly wrong and she's stolen away, he must track her down on the other side of the world before she disappears forever into the shadows.

The path to a Happily Ever After is a dark one, with explicit sexual themes and scenes of dubious consent and nonconsent. If you prefer books where she says 'stop' and he stops, this *isn’t* the book for you.


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