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Cover of "Freedom" with blonde woman running away, dressed in a flowing light green dress

Husband and Wife... Lover and Beloved...

Master and Slave?

 With the threat of war gone, Liz and Ryan want nothing more than to start building their lives together. But two little blue lines on a plastic stick have sent their dreams of tranquility careening into the unknown.

The demands of Liz’s work make their remaining time together as simply a couple feel fragile and uncertain. Once her whole world revolved around him. Now she rarely calls him Sir.

Does she even want to be his slave anymore?

Ryan's own work has exposed them to a dangerous secret. After a near-fatal car accident threatens Liz's pregnancy, he discovers the alarming presence of organized crime in Orre.

When he makes a decision he thinks is best for Liz, it tears their relationship apart, and she leaves. But the dark secrets follow her, and the place where she seeks refuge becomes instead a place of danger.

How can Ryan keep Liz from disappearing when he has no idea where she is?

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