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Longings of Surrender

The Surrender Series  (Midrosian Chronicles Book 2)
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Captain Matias Acoff can't free her. She'll always be a fugitive, and the punishment if she's found is severe. But he can help her find the only thing that matters to her.


When his assignment ends, he's ordered to leave her behind. The entire universe sees the enslavement of women on Midros as a fair exchange for free trade.


But she's captured his heart. How can he let her face a grim future by herself?


This is second book in the Midrosian Surrender Chronicles. While there are moments of laughter and love, and an HEA, please be aware that it is set against a backdrop of extreme darkness, violence, and rape. 

In a world where women have no freedom, one woman refuses to kneel.

Enna is a runaway, hiding in the desert mountains. Desperately looking for her daughter, she has only her courage to fall back on because she trusts no one to help her.

Especially a man.