Memories of Surrender

The Surrender Series (Midrosian Chronicles Book 1)
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How Do You Dream of Freedom When You Can't Remember Ever Being Free?


Lydia should be content.

She has a good master and a good home. She shouldn't yearn to understand the universe around her. Knowledge on Midros is for men, and the penalty for learning is too steep.

But Lydia has a secret.

James has no intention of renting a slave for sex when he arrives on this strange planet. But Lydia needs a protector, so he has no choice.  She's incredibly smart, feisty, and brave, and when he learns her secret, he can't let her go back to face a dangerous future.


And when they stumble on a monstrous deception that has kept every woman on Midros enslaved, they must make a choice to flee to safety, or stay to fight.


Will fixing the wrongs of the past mean sacrificing their future, and her life?

This book has themes of unequal power exchange, psychological conditioning, and steamy encounters. Read at your own risk!