Nectar for the Gods Book 1
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On Anteros, human women are desired for one thing: their nectar.

Tressa has been kidnapped from Earth. Her only purpose now is to produce the nectar that Anterrins crave.

But she's declared unsuitable, and scheduled to be destroyed.

Brothers Joram and Keilat see an opportunity to exploit her difference and make themselves rich. When she captures their hearts instead, they must keep her safe from the King himself, who threatens to rip her out of their arms to face a grim future

Even if they keep her safe, will Tressa ever submit to the discipline and delicious torments her handsome new masters plan for her?

Semiconsensual D/s, harsh punishments, and explicit M/f/M menage scenes. 

This is the second full book in the Nectar for the Gods trilogy. Though it can be read as a standalone, the order of the story is Claimed (a free novella), Owned, Saved, and Given.

Let your Anterrin masters steal you away!