And when Jenny is kidnapped, she must fight for her life while the fragile alliances holding her province together begin to unravel in her absence.

Will Jenny lose Michael's love when she must choose between him and her people?

Will Liz lose Ryan's love as she stands up to him to fight for what she believes in?

This is a book for those who enjoy the black darkness that comes before the light.

Refining Fire is the last book in the Finding Home series. It has an HEA ending, though it also contains trigger warnings for rape and grief.

Refining Fire: Finding Home Book 3

An Erotic Tale of Slavery, Love, and War
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What is the Price of Freedom?

Jenny and Liz are free at last.

Liz has taken the first steps back into the world, supported by the man who has mastered her heart.

Jenny claims her birthright as leader of her desperate people, while the chaos of war erupts around them.

Together with Ryan and Michael, the four try to knit back together a country threatened by a madman who will stop at nothing to destroy them all.