Will it be enough when her secret is revealed and she must once more run for her life?


Jenny's story is also interwoven with Liz and Ryan's continuing journey as they struggle to say out loud to each other what their hearts have known for years.


This is Book 2 of the Finding Home series. It has an HEA ending, and contains themes of D/s, punishment, and rape.

Sanctuary: Finding Home Book 2

An Erotic Tale of Slavery, Love, and War
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To stay alive, she must become a slave.

A madman has murdered Jenny Aldriss' family.


Now, the only person who can keep her safe is her father's best friend, Daniel Weiss.  But even within the walls of his estate, safety is no guarantee. She must hide in plain site by pretending to be one of the estate's slaves.  

Jenny struggles with the enforced submission. But Master Ryan's stern training, Liz's guidance and friendship, and Master Michael's growing affection all combine to give her a new strength inside.