Even if they form a mating bond, she’s no safer, and breaking the bond would be deadly for all three.

Will the two aliens who love her be able to give her the first happiness she’s known since leaving Earth?

An HEA menage romance with consensual D/s and spankings, as well as rape and dark themes. 

This is the second full book in the Nectar for the Gods trilogy. Though it can be read as a standalone, the order of the story is Claimed (a free novella), Owned, Saved, and Given.


Your Anterrin masters are waiting to save you now!


Nectar for the Gods Book 2
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She's escaped, and they're hunting her down.

Abriela was transported through time to satisfy Anterrins’ addiction to human nectar.

When brothers Kirin and Damek find the small human who is running for her life, they take her home. They won't turn her in, and they can't give her up. She’s feisty and disobedient, and chastising her only draws them closer.

But her owner is closing in on her.

Friends who promise safety deliver betrayal.