Brinn Gets the Spanking

I had a plea for the rest of the spanking scene. Brin is a nectar slave - pulled from Earth of our time to Anteros in the future to provide them with "nectar", which Anterrins are addicted to. She's run away from her sadistic master.

“Good girl,” Damek said. She felt an unfamiliar ache, in a place that she’d thought had died. A large hand - two large hands - stroked her butt, her back, and the backs of her legs. It felt so good she sighed out loud, and she heard one of them chuckle.

“Damek, look how lovely her skin is. And the color is almost exactly halfway between yours and mine.”

“My grandmother was from a place called Cuba. It looks a lot like Anteros, actually." Why was she volunteering this information? Her eyelids felt heavy and her body languid.

“Your mother must have been beautiful, and your fathers handsome.”

“My mother was beautiful, but always sick and so thin. We only have one father on Earth, and I never knew him.” Her mother always refused to say who he was.

Suddenly fingers slipped between her legs, between her folds, and she realized with shock that she was wet without any stimulants or chemicals to force her body to make nectar. But the sensation was almost too much. She shut her legs tight.

The fingers withdrew. A moment later a hand landed with a crack across both her butt cheeks. It surprised her more than stung. “Hey!” She started struggling again. Another smack. This one stung. A lot. Her languor vanished.

“Once you said yes to us, you gave up control. Now open your legs.” Kirin’s tone was firm. But not angry.

She spread them an inch. Why was she suddenly shy, after almost a year of spreading her legs all day, every day?

“More, Brinn. I want to see all the folds of your beautiful pussy. All of its secrets.”

She spread a little more, embarrassed at the demand. But he wasn’t satisfied.

“Damek, will you open her legs?” Damek grabbed the leg closest to him and pulled gently. And even though she let him, she got the feeling that if she’d resisted they wouldn’t have really forced her to do it. She felt the cool air on her hot folds.

“If you ever let us fuck you, we might tie your legs spread wide so that you can’t hide from us.”

Fuck me? Tie my legs apart? Oh, god… She should be terrified of that thought. But all she felt was a wet heaviness between her legs that desperately needed to be soothed by someone touching her. Fingers - she wasn’t sure whose but she didn’t care - slid into the slickness and stroked. One finger found her clit and she arched with the pleasure of having it touched in a natural, normal way. She heard a chuckle.

“I think she’s enjoying this.”

“Mmmhmm. I think it’s time to get serious.” The fingers withdrew and she tensed, but before she could take a breath, Kirin’s hand landed on her spread cheeks with a smack that stung.

“Ah! Ow! That hurt!”

His hands circled her stinging cheeks until the pain eased. Then he struck another, and she shrieked anew. But the shriek turned into a moan as he rubbed again.

Then a flurry of spanks landed one after the other, each one more painful than the last. It took only five or six before she was struggling and screeching, but Kirin had a vise-like grip. She kicked her legs up. That ended quickly when Damek grabbed them and held on tight.

“I changed my mind! I don’t want to submit!”

“Too late.” The spanks continued, alternating sides, landing sometimes on the thickest, fleshiest part of her bottom where it didn’t hurt too bad, but sometimes on the backs of her thighs, where it stung like hell.

“Please! I’m sorry!” Suddenly it was all too much and she was crying in between screeches of pain. And then, it stopped. Kirin turned her over and held her in his arms while she sobbed tears of pain and fear and despair.

Damek settled on the couch next to them, stroking her cheek and pulling her hair back from her face. “My turn to hold her.”

She looked at him as she hiccuped. “Do I get a say?”

“Nope.” He grinned. Kirin passed her over and she settled in the new lap. Kirin had been tall and lean; Damek was solid muscle. Different, and yet she felt safe and warm in the arms of both men. But…they’d just spanked her. That was still confusing. ~ ~ ~

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