Brinn Submits to a Spanking

“I’m scared,” she said softly.

“Of us?”

She opened her eyes again and shook her head. “Of submitting. Of figuring out how what you talk about is different than submitting to all those horrible men.”

Damek gave her a wry grin. “Then perhaps we can show you. Do you recall what Kirin said to you as the door opened?”

She narrowed her eyes. “He said there will be consequences if I walk out.”

“Yes,” Kirin agreed. “I believe it’s time to discuss those consequences.” He held out his hand to her. The hand stayed in the air while she looked back and forth at them again. And then she was walking towards it. Why? Why did she suddenly need to trust them, more than she’d needed to trust anything in her whole life?

Kirin took her small, shaking hand in his large one and gave a gentle tug until she stood next to him where he sat on the couch, on his right. He stuck his right leg out, lowering his thigh until it was no longer as high as her waist. He let go of her hand and pressed gently on her back so that she bent over the enormous limb, and then held her securely in place as he bent his leg back up. The movement raised her up by the hips and her feet left the ground. She shrieked and twisted.

“Shh…” He rubbed her back in soft circles. “It’s okay. You’re more secure this way.”

She whimpered, the fear taking over now that she was trapped. “Please…”

“Brinn, I’m not going to harm you. I might give you pain, yes, but that’s different, and not at all like being beaten by your former master. I’ll keep you safe, watch you carefully, and when it’s over, there’s comfort and security, and a fresh start.”

She kept silent, still wondering why she let her self get here. Why she was going to let them spank her. And knowing it was too late to stop anything.

“Brinn, we’re not your masters. So I need your permission to spank you. We’d also like to touch you gently between your legs before and after the spanking.”

She gasped as an unfamiliar jolt of sexual electricity sparked in her core. “My permission?”


“Will you stop if I tell you it’s too much?”

“Not once you give your permission, not for a punishment. But I give you my word that while it might be more than you think you can handle, it won’t be enough to harm you.”

She was Alice in Wonderland, falling down an Anterrin rabbit hole. An idle part of her brain wondered if Anteros actually had rabbits, and would they be bronze and copper, too?

She nodded before she chickened out.

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