Finding Home:

An Erotic Tale of Slavery, Love, and War

Two women, forced to embrace slavery. One is a pawn in a political game; the other must hide from the people who killed her family. Together with the two men who own and train them, they must try to stop the madman who is hurtling their country into chaos.

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Enslaved – Afraid – Accepted – Betrayed – Loved

Chosen by lottery, Liz Peltier is put on display as a public symbol of the defeat of her people.​

Forced to serve for the next two years as a slave on the estate of her captors, she struggles to accept a new life of domination and submission, of pleasure and pain.

But Ryan, her master and trainer, shows her that her captors may not be the real enemies, and she begins to see that her deepest fulfillment comes when she is on her knees. And when her world is shattered by betrayal, Ryan may be the only one she can trust.

"Happily for Now" (HFN) ending - their story continues in Sanctuary.

Strict discipline, slave training, reluctant consent, and several very dark scenes.


To stay alive, she must become a slave.

A madman has murdered Jenny Aldriss' family and toppled the government of Orre.

She runs to the only safe place she knows--the Weiss estate. But even within those thick walls, safety is no guarantee. She must hide in plain site by becoming one of the estate's slaves.

Strictly trained and disciplined by Ryan, befriended by Liz, and watched over by Michael, she struggles to embrace her new role.

But when her secret is revealed, they must all run for their lives, and it forces them to realize that love is all around them--if they choose to let it in.

HEA, strict discipline and training, punishments, and one very dark scene.

Jenny and Liz are free, and together with Michael and Ryan, must knit back together a country torn apart by war.  Liz must learn how to live as a free woman while choosing to stay a slave to  Ryan. Jenny, guided by Michael, must step into a role she never prepared for.

But Liz finds she must make a choice between her obedience to Ryan and an opportunity she desperately desires. And Jenny must decide to guide her province as she thinks best, even if it sets her on a collision course with Michael.

And when Jenny disappears, they must all walk through fire to survive the chaos, and bring Jenny home to Michael and the new future she has promised to her people. 

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Refining Fire

Is Freedom Worth the Price?

HEA, discipline and punishments, and several very dark scenes.