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The Surrender Series

On Miros, every woman is a slave, and every man a master.

But these women refuse to kneel, and their defiance threatens to destroy the terrible secret that keeps them in bondage.​

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Memories of Surrender

On Miros, Men Rule, and Women Kneel

I burn with a thirst to know more than my restricted life allows, but the penalty for studying the forbidden language is death.

James stuns me with stories of life on other planets. Freedom. Knowledge.

By day I help him translate a language I shouldn't know, and he keeps my secret.

By night he dominates me, and I experience sensual pleasures I never dreamed of.

But there's a bigger secret locked inside my head, and when it finally comes out we have no choice but to escape.

Because I've just remembered who I am. And the galaxy has to know the truth, before the Mirosian government silences me, forever.

Content Advisory: psychological manipulation, non-consensual slavery, consensual BDSM

Longings of Surrender

Men on this planet have stolen everything precious from me, and I’ll never trust one. Ever.

Matias saves me from being arrested, and spins tales of freeing slaves.

I don’t believe him, and I’ll never reveal where the other escaped women are hiding.

And I will find my daughter by myself, and keep the walls around my heart high. I can’t be hurt again if I never let anyone in.

Enna is powerless on this planet, but she refuses to accept my help.
When she makes a dangerous and impulsive decision that puts the other escaped women at risk, I have to fix it.

Whether she wants me to or not.

And just when it seems she might find a little bit of happiness, everything is torn away from her again. This time I’ll risk my own future to secure her freedom.


Content Advisory: sexual assault and torture by the villains, consensual spanking

Tears 9.25.23 with shadow.png

Tears of Surrender

“Parin, don’t ever go to Miros”

I escaped Miros as a child. Despite my mother’s warning, I came back, just for a day.

Now, I’m a slave again. No rights. No clothing. Even my last name has been taken from me.

My first master is cruel beyond understanding. I’m saved by his son, Mercer, though he demands that I kneel at his feet and learn to be his perfect slave. His rules are strict, and his punishments are harsh.

Yet Mercer needs my help. I may find a purpose within the constraints of my new life.

But when Miros is invaded, the secrets that are revealed may tear apart the fragile trust we’ve built together.


Content Advisory: Sexual assault and harsh punishments, non-consensual slavery. This book is the harshest of the three.

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