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Look for the Surrender Series to Return Completely Updated
Fall 2023!

The Surrender Series

(Midrosian Chronicles)

On Midros, every woman is a slave, and every man a master. But these women refuse to kneel, and their defiance threatens to destroy the terrible secret that keeps them in bondage.

Dark moments, Violence, Nonconsent, HEA

cover of Memories of Surrender

Memories of Surrender

How Can You Dream of Freedom When You Can't Remember Ever Being Free?

Lydia has dared to learn something forbidden to women, and for that she may be put to death. To James, the law is barbaric and he has no intention of turning her in.


But when they stumble on the secret behind the enslavement of women, not even fleeing from the planet will keep her safe.


The law of the planet is clear for women who know too much -- a public hanging. And even though the secret is revealed and the universe reacts with horror, it may be too late to save Lydia.

Longings of Surrender

In a World Where Women Have no Freedom, One Woman Refuses to Kneel.

Enna is a runaway, desperately looking for the daughter who was ripped from her arms. She has only her courage to fall back on because she trusts no one to help her.

Especially a man.

Captain Matias Acoff can't free her. She'll always be a fugitive, and the punishment if she's found is severe. But he can help her find the only thing that matters to her.

When his assignment ends, he's ordered to leave her behind. But she's seized his heart and soul.


How can he let her face the grim future of a recaptured slave alone?

cover of Longings of Surrender
cover of Tears of Surrender

Tears of Surrender

On Midros, men rule, and women are owned. 

Parin Denos was a free woman. Now she's been put up for auction on Midros, and her future is bleak. Her first master is a sadist with an agenda, and he displays a cruelty beyond understanding.

When Mercer takes over his father's untrained slave, he has little patience for the woman kneeling at his feet, spitting with anger. As far as he's concerned, her only role is to serve his needs, and he demands complete obedience.

Each time he punishes her, she fights him, but it only enflames his desire.


But her brave strength and intelligence make him question if he can be the Master she really needs. And as the very foundations of Midrosian society crumble around them, can she find love with the man who possesses her body - and now her soul?.

These books have an HEA, but they're set against a backdrop of a society that does not value women, and so there are very dark moments, and scenes of nonconsent.
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