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Samiel is hoping to put the tragedy of the last years behind him. When he meets Leina, he's drawn to her feisty spirit, and spanking her for disobedience is far from distasteful.

But when a betrayal is laid bare and threatens the attraction between them, will he lose her forever?​


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Forgiveness Comes Only Through Pain

Twenty years ago, Leina's people did a terrible thing to Samiel's planet. Now the two species need each other to survive.


To move beyond the hate, Leina must survive something called The Punishment Tour - tests of endurance and pain that will earn their forgiveness.


Only then will she find the home and the family she longs for in this beautiful new world.

Contains a theme of consensual non-consent (an agreement to voluntarily submit to something without knowing what it is) and intense corporal punishments.​ Please be aware that the grief of miscarriage is featured in a number of places throughout the book.

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The Punishment Tour

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