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For years before I became a published author, I wrote and hid stories in the computer, convinced that no one would be interested in the dark and twisted musings of my mind.


When the internet showed me that there were others who shared those twists, I decided to come out of the closet. 


My men are strong, even when love makes them tender. My women are fierce and independent and will not give in until they are respected.


My stories are about negotiating a dance of dominance and submission between them. In the end, though, he is always able to claim her heart.


Right now, I split my time between being mother, wife, overworked employee, and slave to the cat. In the evening, my laptop comes out, my imagination gets going, and I morph into a recluse who would be happy living in a cave, as long as it had wireless internet and an espresso machine.

I also really love cats.

This is Brisco. He just woke up.

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