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Excerpt from Tribute

Mik'kal didn’t sleep for a long time. He’d preached for years that his people could turn their violent natures towards other things and still be content. He believed his planet was becoming more and more civilized, despite his people's need to conquer and control. And now he was facing the sober truth that at least in his case, that was bullshit.

He needed to dominate and punish another person. Be unyielding and harsh. Be in control of every moment of her existence.

He’d never known what being alive meant until today.

He absently stroked his dick as he lay in the dark. Not fucking her today had been tough. He was eager for her to understand that not a single part of her body belonged to her any more. Every hole was his to use in any manner he chose--her mouth, her breeding hole, and her pleasure hole. He’d ached as he pushed the trainer into her pleasure hole, instead of himself. He vowed that tomorrow he would start cleaning her out every morning, and it wouldn’t be very long after that before he was sunk up to his balls in the tight space, feeling her pant and squeal and struggle underneath him. And then as he filled her bowel with cum and his knot expanded, he’d hold her tight while she cried from the pain. He might finger her clit so he could enjoy her gasps and cries, but he doubted he’d let her come.


That was a pleasure reserved for Masters, never slaves.

His hand stroked faster up the length and back down.

And after the knot had finally let go and he could slide out of her, he would turn her over to face him so that she could show her obedience by taking his cock in her mouth and cleaning him thoroughly with her tongue.


He knew she’d fight him on that. She’d probably gag and cry and he would have to hold her in place.

He hoped so.

With a loud groan he erupted, his seed spurting over his hands and running down his cock to puddle on the bed. He pumped until no more of the thick liquid bubbled up and out, and he was too sensitive to touch himself any more. When he was done he was so relaxed he was almost unconscious, but he forced himself up and off the bed.

As he headed for the shower, he looked back at the stained sheets and puddles of cum. That was going to be her job to clean starting immediately. Maybe he’d have her lick up the puddles. In fact, he decided to make a rule from now on that she was to swallow every drop of his cum as a sign of respect. No matter where he left it.


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