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My Books

Nectar for the Gods

Owned MASTER 6.28.22.jpg
Saved MASTER 6.14.22.jpg
Given MASTER 6.25.22.jpg

Captives of Kazir

The Surrender Series
(Midrosian Chronicles)

cover of Memories
cover of Longings
cover of Tears

Finding Home:

An Erotic Tale of Slavery, Love, and War

Cover of Odyssey
The cover of Sanctuary - Jenny, in a putple gown, running towards an an archway and stars
cover of Refining Fire
cover of Freedom

Single Titles

Fear and Desire cover with Manhatten text 12.26.22.jpg
cover of Valentine Roulette
Punishment Tour new cover.jpg
RSH new cover 1.8.23 med.jpg
AHSR cover 1.16.23.jpg
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