Nectar for the Gods

Abducted from Earth through a rip in the universe, only human women can provide the nectar their Anterrin Masters are addicted to.

These books have dark themes and violence, but all have HEA.
cover of Owned


She Has Something Her Alien Masters Want… and They Will Stop at Nothing to Claim It.

Declared defective and scheduled to be destroyed by her captors, Tressa falls into the hands of brothers Joram and Keilat.

Arrogant and controlling, they plan to ruthlessly use her to get wealthy, then discard her.

What they don’t plan on is her heated response to their discipline.
With every refusal, every defiance, every punishment, she only enflames their desire.

And when the King himself tries to steal her away, the brothers must make a choice: riches beyond their dreams...or love.

Warning: Strict Alien Masters punish disobedient slaves.


cover of Saved
She's Escaped, and They're Hunting Her Down.

Brothers Kirin and Damek find the small human and take her home. She’s feisty and disobedient, and punishing  her only draws them closer. They won't turn her in, and they can't give her up.

But her owner is closing in.
Friends who promise safety deliver betrayal.

When she's recaptured, her sadistic former master has sworn to take his vengeance on her.

Unless her mates can find her before she's destroyed.

Warning: Strict Alien Masters will go to any length to protect their human.

cover of Given


Their Human is Hiding a Dangerous Secret

Emmie has a terrible secret, and a very short future.

Brothers Dev and Garet have three children and their own secrets. When Emmie falls into their lives and their hearts, she might be the solution to their problems...or a grave danger to their family.

They know she's hiding something, and punishing her seems to have no effect.

And as human women continue to suffer all around, could  Emmie's secret be the answer to their cries of despair?

Warning: Strict Alien Masters spank when they are lied to.


A Nectar for the Gods Novella

Dreams Fill Her Nights.  Nightmares Fill Her Days

Keelie despises Anterrins for enslaving her. Siridin blames nectar slaves for the death of his brother. When their fates cross, each sees the other as the source of their problems.

But dreams and voices plague them both. And despite trips across Siridin's knees for punishment, Keelie won't stop talking about what she sees. He doesn't want to hear it. He has to get rid of her.

But the universe has other plans.

Warning: Alien Masters spank when they get mad.

cover of Claimed


All 3 books (plus the novella) together!

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