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Abducted from Earth through a rip in the universe, only human women can provide the nectar their Anterrin Masters are addicted to.

Nectar for the Gods

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I Have Something My Alien Masters Want...
and They Will Stop at Nothing to Claim It.

After I'm abducted by Anterrins to be a lowly human nectar slave, I don't expect much out of life.


Finding out I'm defective? I know I'm not going to have much life left to live.


But then my rescuers come. Except they're not here to save me. They're here to use me to get rich.


None of us expect my response to their discipline, or their response to me.

With every disobedience and every punishment, I only enflame their desire.

And when the King himself tries to steal me away, the brothers must make a choice: riches beyond their dreams...or love.


Warning: Strict Alien Masters punish defiant slaves.



Content Advisory: Menage, HEA. This book contains dark themes including dubious consent by the good guys and an incredibly harsh punishment (hey, they don't have a choice!)

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I Escaped, and Now I'm Being Hunted

I ran from my cruel Anterrin master, the alien who made me his nectar slave, and I made it out alive. But no human woman escapes Anteros.


When Kirin and Damek find me, they aren't eager to return me. They're having way too much fun punishing me. Pleasuring me.


But my owner will stop at nothing to retrieve me, and betrayal from every side puts all of us in danger.

Warning: Strict Alien Masters will go to any length to protect their human.


Content Advisory: Menage, HEA. This book contains dark themes including rape by the bad guys.

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I'm a Nectar Slave, and I'm Hiding a Dangerous Secret

If my secret comes out, my life will be short.


Two Anterrin brothers have taken me in. They can punish me over their knees all they want, but I can't tell them the truth.


Because I might be a solution to their problem--or a grave danger to their children.


And revealing the truth threatens an innocent and fragile future, not just for me, but for all the human women trapped on Anteros.

Warning: Strict Alien Masters spank when they are lied to.


Content Advisory: Menage, HEA. This book contains dark themes, including assault and rape by the bad guys.

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Bonus Novella in the back of Saved

Dreams Fill Her Nights.  Nightmares Fill Her Days

Keelie despises Anterrins for enslaving her. Siridin blames nectar slaves for the death of his brother. When their fates cross, each sees the other as the source of their problems. ​

But dreams and voices plague them both. And despite trips across Siridin's knees for punishment, Keelie won't stop talking about what she sees. He doesn't want to hear it. He has to get rid of her. ​

But the universe has other plans. ​

Warning: Alien Masters spank when they get mad.

Bonus Novella in the back of Saved

All Three Books Together
(Plus the Bonus Novella)

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