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Privacy Policy


Privacy is important to me, so I take your privacy seriously as well. Why the huge notice?  There’s a new law called the GDRP that took affect and offers privacy protections for all EU citizens, and since I don’t know where you are from, I have to treat you all the same.  Besides, everyone deserves privacy!


➡ I will never give or sell your data to anyone else. Never. ⬅

Email communications


  • When you sign up to my newsletter,

    • You are only getting my newsletter. I will not be sending anything else to you.

    • I will ask your name, so I know what to call you. It’s optional.

    • I will ask your email, so I know where to send the email.

  • I use Mailerlite to send out my newsletter, and your details are stored by Mailerlite. They are "GDPR Compliant" as well, which means they only store the minimum data they need to send my emails, and they will not contact you themselves. You may contact them at any time to have your name removed.

  • I use analytics that let me track the number and type of clicks in each email so that I can see if my emails are getting delivered. It's a feedback to let me know how effective my efforts are to share information with you (Am I boring?  Is this something that no one cares about? Do readers like when I give them free stuff?)





You can unsubscribe from my newsletter at any time by clicking the Unsubscribe link in any of the emails I’ve sent you. Unsubscribe means I will remove you from my mailing list.  Mailerlite will still have you in their records as a past subscriber. Neither Mailerlite nor I will contact you again. If you wish to be completely erased from all databases, please

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