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Submit to Destiny

(formerly the Finding Home Series)

An Alternate Universe Capture Fantasy

Two women, forced to embrace slavery. One is a pawn in a political game; the other must hide from the people who killed her family.

Together with the two men who own their hearts and train their bodies, they must try to stop the madman who is hurtling their country into chaos.

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Enslaved – Afraid – Accepted – Betrayed – Loved


Chosen by lottery, Liz Peltier is put on display as a public symbol of the defeat of her people.​

Forced to serve for the next two years as a slave on the estate of her captors, she struggles to accept a new life of domination and submission, of pleasure and pain.

But Ryan, her master and trainer, shows her that her captors may not be the real enemies, and she begins to see that her deepest fulfillment comes when she is on her knees. And when her world is shattered by betrayal, Ryan may be the only one she can trust.

"Happily for Now" (HFN) ending - their story continues in Sanctuary.

Slave training, reluctant consent, punishments, and rape (by the bad guys)

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To Stay Alive, She Must Become a Slave


A madman has murdered Jenny Aldriss' family, and now he’s hunting her.

She runs to the only safe place she knows. But even within the elegant estate, safety is not guaranteed. She must hide in plain site by becoming one of the estate's slaves.

Strictly trained and disciplined by Ryan, befriended by Liz, and watched over by Michael, she struggles to embrace her new role.

Will it be enough when she is betrayed, and she must once more run for her life?

Liz and Ryan have worked side by side for years, but it isn't until Liz is fighting for her life that Ryan realizes how much he loves her. 

Will he be able to say those words to her before it's too late?

HEA for both couples. Strict discipline and training, punishments, and two scenes of rape by the bad guys.

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Refining Fire

Was Freedom Worth the Price?


Freedom has come at a high cost.

Now Liz must learn how to stand on her own, while staying true to Ryan, still the Master of her heart. And Jenny, thrust into her new role without warning, must lean on Michael while she becomes the leader her people need. 

Together they must knit back together a country torn apart by a madman bent on destroying everything they cherish.

Will Liz lose Ryan’s love as she takes a path he forbids?

Will Jenny lose Michael when she must choose between him and her people?

And when Jenny is kidnapped, they must all walk through fire to survive the chaos and bring her home, before the evil can destroy her.

HEA, discipline and punishments, and several very dark scenes. Trigger warning for miscarriage.

Freedom MASTER 5.27.23.jpg


Husband and Wife, Lover and Beloved, Master and Slave?

With the threat of war gone, Liz and Ryan want nothing more than to start building their lives together. But two little blue lines on a plastic stick have sent their dreams of tranquility careening into the unknown.

The demands of Liz’s work make their remaining time together as simply a couple feel fragile and uncertain. Once her whole world revolved around him. Now she rarely calls him Sir.

Does she even want to be submissive to him anymore?

Ryan's own work has exposed them to a dangerous secret. After a near-fatal car accident threatens Liz's pregnancy, he discovers the alarming presence of organized crime in Orre.

When he makes a decision he thinks is best for Liz, it tears their relationship apart, and she leaves. But the dark secrets trail behind her, and the place where she seeks refuge becomes instead a place of danger.

How can Ryan protect Liz when he has no idea where she's gone?

Explicit sex, D/s, punishments, danger, and a definite HEA!

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