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Captives of Kazir

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Mena is trapped in a dark alien nightmare.

Kazir was supposed to be a sanctuary for the weary, desperate humans. But the alien race that already occupies the planet demands a terrible sacrifice to let them stay.

Mena is that sacrifice.

Now she belongs to a harsh alien master, destined for a future of endless suffering.
And yet, bending to his demands strikes a chord of desire that she doesn't understand.

Mikkal knew agreeing to take a human was a bad idea. The darkness inside him has never been easy to keep hidden. Now it has begun to escape his control.

And the worst part?
He's never felt more alive.


Warning: Dominant aliens go to dark places to compel human affections.

Cautions: Nonconsensual sex, anal and oral sex, punishments, and a smoking hot alien who doesn't like humans and will not take "no" for an answer. HEA, of course.

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Reality is Much Darker than Fantasy



I've been sold to an alien so that the last humans in the galaxy can have a home.  

I should probably be upset, but living in an alien city sounds much more exciting than scraping out an existence in the wilderness of a new planet.

But learning to be obedient to Nikos is turning out to be difficult, humiliating, and painful.

I’ve loved before, and it only brought pain. But this small, disobedient human stirs up dark desires that force me to confront my past.

There’s a conspiracy to erase humans from the galaxy that reaches from the deepest caves on Kazir to the highest floors of the government. It started a hundred solars ago, but now they’re focused on my human.

I will protect her, no matter who stands in my way.


Caution: Keeping his human safe involves consensual nonconsent (an agreement to obey without knowing what will be demanded), punishments, and anal. There are brief descriptions  of emotional and physical abuse in the heroine's past.

Want to learn more about the history of the planet Kazir, and the soul of the planet, called the Nirza?

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