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Captives of Kazir Book 2

Chapter 1

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Being sold to the highest bidder in an auction was not what I’d expected when I’d boarded the last ship to leave Earth.

“Ow! Dammit, stop that!” An alien who looked like a stalk of purple celery with arms grabbed one of my nipples through the thin shift that was my only garment, and twisted. He made a gurgling noise that might have been laughter and moved on down the line of human women, all on display like me, to do the same thing.

What I had expected when we arrived at Allos 2 was finding the previous group of humans who’d arrived  years before us, on this supposedly uninhabited planet. Together, we’d re-establish a home for the human race.

But the uninhabited planet wasn’t uninhabited. It belonged to a humanoid race who had laid claim to the planet eons ago, and its name was Kazir.

I would love to have a conversation with the astrophysicists who fucked that detail up.

The previous human group was nowhere to be found, and the Kaziri weren’t exactly welcoming. Apparently, instead of blowing us out of the sky, their senate had narrowly voted to demand a small number of humans as slaves, as a kind of tribute. They chose those whose private journals and media habits indicated they were submissive. In exchange, they permitted the rest to set up camp on an isolated island. And forty-odd humans were shuttled down to the surface, our dreams of setting up a new home cruelly ripped away.

Until yesterday, we had thought we were alone in the universe. I was still shocked by the sea of strange beings milling around the large room.

I wished someone would just buy me and get this over with. My arms, pulled tight above my head, ached. I was tired of fingers, digits, and even a few tentacles shoved up inside me. They didn’t really need to check for themselves how stretchy I was, or tight, or deep, because my measurements had been checked yesterday, and they were displayed in the air right next to me.

Yesterday, I’d woken in an exam room with a translator inserted under my skin behind my neck. An ugly, green, fang-toothed alien informed me that the number of humans who had to be evaluated all at once were more than local medical doctors could handle, so I was being examined by the interstellar version of a veterinarian. He also commented that examining me wasn’t that different from his regular job.

Did I mention his bedside manner sucked?

Tightly restrained on the table, I’d been given a humiliating exam that included having things shoved into all my holes, then stretched wide to measure the maximum size appendage that could be inserted.

Then, to my utter humiliation, he pressed something against my clit that began buzzing, and as he counted I rocketed up into a spectacular orgasm. It took about ten seconds.

In between measurements, when I could catch my breath, I’d begged him to tell me what was going to happen. That’s when I found out about the auction.

“You mean, be sold to someone?”

“That’s what an auction usually means.” He made a noise in his throat. “Your breeding hole just lubricated more.”

I didn’t know what to say to that. In truth, being sold in an auction was one of my greatest, darkest, most secret fantasies ever. If the Kaziri had been monitoring us for months, I wasn’t too surprised I’d been chosen.
But now it seemed those fantasies were going to come true, whether I wanted them to, or not.

Be careful what you wish for.

“Wait, ‘breeding hole’? What do you mean?”

“You have two holes. One is for pleasure, the other for breeding.”

“I don’t understand. Whoever my, um, master is will only be using my, um, anus for sex? Not my vagina?” I hated those terms, but I wanted my question to be clear.

“Do humans do it different?”

“Yes! Sex for pleasure and, uh, having babies”—I couldn’t say breeding!—“is in the same hole! That back hole is just for—you know!”

“Not if you’re bought by a Kaziri. The impregnation rate by a Kaziri male in the breeding hole of any female is close to one hundred percent, so it’s only used for breeding.”

“I wish you’d stop saying breeding. It sounds like an animal.”

“But that’s what you are, really. A sentient animal, perhaps, but if he decides to procreate, it’s his decision, not yours. How you feel about it doesn’t matter.”

I didn’t have time to think about that, because the restraints abruptly loosened and he practically yanked me to my feet. I was propelled into another room with a gallery of beings watching as the veterinarian prodded me to get on a spanking bench. Fear overcame any arousal I might have had.

This proved a well-founded fear. It was every nightmare and every dream come true for the terrified masochist that I was. For hours the doctor aroused me with toys and fingers and vibrators, forbidding me from coming. When I did anyway, he whipped me with something that left streaks of fire across my butt for long minutes after each stroke was laid down. I struggled and cried, screamed and cursed, and each time after they were done they checked my arousal. To my humiliation, but not my surprise, I was wetter every time.
Then they did it all over again.

I’d known about my desires for years.  When we’d left Earth, I’d barely been an adult, and had managed to sneak into a BDSM club just once. I’d been a kid in a candy shop. The dungeon master, seeing the other doms start to circle me like sharks circling chum, turned me over to a domme. She had taken me from a mild spanking  to a full-on whipping in one night. After each experience, I had begged to try more, until she put her foot down and told me to go home. She’d promised that after I’d thought about everything, I could come back if I still wanted to.

Then a rogue nation had pointed nuclear weapons at us, and the order had come down that the Hope II would be leaving a month early. And that was the end of my BDSM club experience.

The alien was finally done, and I was limp. A little while later I was reunited with my best friend Mena in the large cage all the humans had been stuffed into, but the next morning—this morning—we were pulled apart again. I was put on display at one end of the room, and Mena at the other, and I was heartsick not knowing if I’d ever see her again.

The purple alien who’d twisted my nipple a few minutes ago wasn’t a serious buyer. The vet told me humans weren’t a good physical fit with any species that wasn’t also ‘humanoid’ (Kaziri-oid? Whatever. Two arms, two legs, and a dick not longer than a half-meter. At least they were kind of similar to us). We were too fragile, too shallow, or too narrow for most others. Seeing the wide range of appendages, I had to agree.

Many aliens were here just to point at, and occasionally fondle, the captive humans. If I ever got out of here I doubted I’d ever want to visit a zoo again.

I drew a deep breath to calm myself and immediately regretted it. Some of the aliens had body odor that made me gag, running the gamut from burning sulfur to rotting garbage, and the smell easily preceded their arrival. Only a few of them smelled half decent, including most of the Kaziri who had strolled by. Life with an alien whose smell turned my stomach seemed worse than almost any other future I could imagine.

I refused to open my mouth for one slimy creature until it threatened me with a ring gag. The long slender finger slid all the way down my throat. I started to retch.

“Disgusting.” It pulled its finger out and walked away.

“You oughta taste yourself sometime,” I muttered. I considered spitting to get rid of the taste, but upon consideration, that could be a bad idea.

A commotion drew my attention down the row where Mena, who had pulled herself up off her feet using her wrists, had swung her feet right in between the legs of a large, powerful-looking Kaziri. He turned white and staggered back, then guards surrounded them and blocked my view.

Oh, gods, please let Mena be okay. She always had a little trouble controlling her temper. I fought back tears as I contemplated never knowing what had happened to the woman who’d been so much closer than a friend for ten years.

I strained to see more, but my view was blocked by three Kaziri who stepped in front of me. They stared at me, their huge black pupils making them look like demons. From my limited experience, Kaziri males seemed to be larger than most human men. The skin on one was dark brown, the second light gray, and the third was somewhere in the middle. All Kaziri that I’d seen so far had horizontal, wavy stripes in different shades of brown across their skin below their face. No two patterns appeared to be the same, but I didn’t know if they were tattoos or a natural coloration. Their hands—a thumb and only three fingers, and more tapered than human fingers--were kinda creepy.

All three had long, silky, black hair that fell below their waist and hung loose.

“This the one?” the Kaziri on the right asked.


I looked back and forth, trying to figure out what they meant, when suddenly one stepped behind me, grabbed a handful of my thick hair, and yanked my head back. My mouth fell open in surprise, and he stuck in a finger that triggered my gag. At the same time, the middle one plunged a finger inside my pussy, and the third breached the tight ring behind.

I struggled and choked, unable to draw a breath.

 “One hole for each of us!” the one behind exclaimed.

“Would it be more fun to let her struggle, or should we teach her to keep still when we all take her?”

“Oh, struggle, for sure. And then we can punish her for refusing us.”

“I want to try that right now.”

The finger in my pussy pulled out and I glimpsed him pulling something from under his tunic. A moment later, a line of fire landed on my belly. I tried to scream, but since another finger was still in my throat, nothing came out.

“Oh, her throat closed up around my finger! We should definitely make her scream when we shove our dicks in there.”

I was starting to see spots in my eyes, and they still didn’t want to let me breathe. The last thing I heard was, “Let’s buy her now so we can get home to continue this.”


My struggles weakened, and my vision went black.

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