Domination, Submission, Capture Fantasies, Slavery, Nonconsent


If these words leave you breathless, then my books are for you!

These are stories of strong women, thrown into situations they didn't choose. They're coping, making new lives, and learning to love the dominant men who always find a way to claim their hearts.

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Nectar for the gods

On Anteros, human women are valued for only one thing:

Their Nectar

Their Human is Hiding a Dangerous Secret

Emmie's life as a castle nectar slave seems destined to be short, until a violent encounter in a dark cell changes everything. Now she has a desperate secret to hide.

Dev and Garet have their own secrets, and  three children. When Emmie is thrown into their lives, will her secrets put their family in danger?

And still the human women on Anteros suffer.  But Emmie's secret might just be the answer to their desperate pleas.

Contains scenes of non-erotic rape, explicit consensual  M/f/M sex, and corporal punishment.