ARC Team

Do you like my books? 

Do you write reviews for the books you like? 

Then I need you to join my ARC team!

The primary purpose for this team is to generate reviews on different sites.  When there are lots of reviews,  the book becomes MUCH more visible to others and has a better chance of survival.

**You must have a Facebook account and join my ARC group **

What you get:
1.  An advance copy of the book about 1-2 weeks before the publish date.

2.  The opportunity to preorder or order before everyone else at a discount price.

What I need:

1.  Read the whole story for pleasure – you don’t need to look for errors.

2. If you do spot something, contact me BEFORE publishing. An ARC can be corrected.

3.  Write an honest review on Amazon, BookBub, Eden Books, Barnes and Noble, and/or Google Play within 2 weeks of publishing (you don't have to do all of them!).

4.  A few sentences in the review are all I need. Please don't recap the book or analyze it in depth.

5.  I do not expect 5* and will not boot you for giving me less, but if you hate the book could you let me know why?

6.  Like and Share posts about the book on Facebook as you see them.


--> Amazon requires that you have spent $50 or more on the credit card linked to the account before you can leave reviews.  This prevents creating multiple accounts to flood a book with bogus reviews. <--

--> You don't have to buy the book to leave a review, but Amazon limits a book to 5 unverified reviews a week. If you are #6, your review won't be posted. <--

Sound interesting?  Click this link and fill out the form:

ARC Reader Form

I look forward to hearing from you and having you on my team!