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"Oh fuck, what have I done?!"


The male voice was softer than I expected as I huddled in the corner of the dark cell. He'd released my wrists long enough to pull back and cry out his release, and I'd taken that moment to scramble out from underneath him and run. The inky blackness of the cell made it impossible to see, so a moment later I ran smack into the wall.


I tried to keep quiet; tried to keep the sobs stifled inside my throat. The tears, though, ran freely down my face to drip off my chin. Could he hear them hitting the floor? Hear my heart pounding with fear so hard it threatened to beat itself right out of my chest? I wasn't any match to the bulk of the male across from me, but adrenaline was surging through my veins. I was ready to flee again if I needed to.


The cell was hot and smelled of sweat, dampness, and sex. The urge to vomit was strong.

"Are you okay?"


Was I? No, not really. I hadn't been okay in a long time, since I'd been yanked through a rift in the universe to this hell. One moment I was sitting on my couch on Earth, scrolling past pictures of men on a new dating app on my phone, and a heartbeat later a hole opened in the middle of the room. I was grabbed, pulled through, and dropped onto the dirt floor of a cave. A moment later I was trussed up like a pig, tossed into the bottom of a dirty boat with five other crying women.


I found out immediately that the only use Anterrins had for human women was their nectar. And that it was a one-way trip.


The stickiness between my thighs was either blood or cum; I didn't really want to know which one. I leaned my head to the side, resting my cheek on the cool stone and closing my eyes.


"I'm sorry. I know that won't make it right. But I am."


The voice was close. Too close. I shrank back, willing the stones behind me to part so I could hide from it.


"There were drugs in my food, but I never thought they could make me…" The sentence choked off in a sob somewhere above my form.


The thick cell door suddenly slid open and the room flooded with light. Instinctively, my arms flew up to block it, but I forced my eyes open and looked up towards my assailant. I stared at him in shock for a moment before he turned towards the guards gathered at the door.


"You sonsofbitches!"


He bolted towards the door and they scrambled to grab weapons. Just before he hit them, they all fired. A streak of searing pain ripped through my left thigh.


I screamed—for my leg, for the figure now laying lifeless on the floor, and for the hell my life had become.

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Nectar for the Gods Book 3

Chapter 1

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