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Nectar for the Gods Book 1
Chapter 1


When Tressa Overton planned her day, her to-do list did not include being near a freak thunderstorm that opened a rift in the universe. Nor had she expected a large copper arm to reach through the rift and yank her to a place that was Not Earth. And she definitely had never planned to be folded up into a tiny cage without any clothes on, with a dildo in her pussy and a plug up her ass.

Her plan, when she got up this morning, was to sign the last of the divorce papers from her cheating ex-scum-husband, followed by a celebratory lunch with a friend. She got the papers signed.  The lunch never happened.

She’d woken up in the cage, so small that her body strained against the bars on all sides. Her arms were pulled behind her, and a gag filled her mouth. The dildo and plug were rigid, and as she squirmed it was clear they were both bolted to the frame of the cage.

She tried to keep panic from overwhelming her. What the fuck was going on? Cages as far as her limited sight could see all contained other woman, done up like her.   She’d never believed stories of women kidnapped off the street and sold into slavery in some hot country on the other side of the world, but… here she was.
A man knelt down to look in her cage.  He was easily two and a half meters tall, with oval, red, feline-like pupils. His skin was a dark brown. He said something in another language, and then stood and moved on.

He wasn’t like anyone she’d ever seen before. She struggled to make sense of it all, and to keep her fear in check she let herself ponder what kind of of genetic mutation might give him his startling appearance.

Hours passed as her arms went from aching to burning.  She was hungry and thirsty, and the sounds of crying and frustration around made it difficult to keep calm.  Eventually she had to pee. And then her day went took a turn from terror to the bizarre.  From her bent-over position she watched as she let the liquid ran down her legs and hit the floor, where it was sucked into the hard surface and disappeared. Her brain latched onto an idea that seemed ludicrous, even if it did explain everything.

That wasn’t a man, and she wasn’t on Earth any more.

Fuck. Really? She wanted just one day to celebrate her new life of freedom, and instead  she’d been dropped into a real-life episode of the X-Files? Somehow she doubted that Scully and Mulder would show up. She wondered how far away she was from home and sagged when she thought about what it meant to be taken by aliens to their planet.  Nothing good.

She drifted in and out of uncomfortable sleep until a vibration that she hadn’t noticed before disappeared. She couldn’t raise her head enough to see what was going on, but large boot-shod pairs of feet passed in front of her. Cages being hoisted up and removed, accompanied by occasional shrieks from gagged mouths. Wherever they were going, it seemed they had arrived.

Eventually it was her turn, and large hands with light copper skin grabbed her cage. She emerged a few minutes later into blinding hot sun. Her cage was dropped onto a platform and as she struggled to adjust to the light she could make out three other cages next to hers. She strained to see where she was. Dozens of beings with skins of all colors, mostly shades of copper and bronze, scurried about, many pushing carts loaded with objects. And then she realized the carts had nothing underneath.  They floated on air.  It was both fascinating, and frightening, reinforcing how far she was from anywhere familiar.

 She managed to twist her head enough to see the vessel from which she’d been removed.  It was a large vessel that looked startlingly like a giant sleek green bus, at least 3 stories high, with cargo doors in the front that were currently lowered flat, bridging the gap between it and the ground that was underneath her. Her eye caught a view of the bottom of the vessel and she had to stare at it to make sense before she realized, that yes, this was actually a wharf, and the vessel she had arrived on was some kind of ship, except that the entire thing was actually sitting a meter or so above the water.

Her head was spinning, but that might also be from the heat.  There was no shade anywhere.  She glanced up towards the sun, something at least a little familiar, and her jaw would have dropped open if she hadn’t been gagged, when she saw two suns in the sky.

She was trying not to stare into the suns when the cart she was on started to move.  It glided smoothly across the wharf and into a large, dark, and blessedly cool building. Other cages had already arrived, and she was placed none too gently on the hard floor next to others, and left there.

As she struggled to readjust her eyes to the dimness, the sound of spraying water came near, followed by screeches and squeals. She braced herself, praying it was just water.

 The spray hit her, and the cool water was welcome, rinsing off the dried pee on her legs that now stank - until the unseen holder of the hose unlatched the dildo in her pussy from the cage frame, pulled it out, and aimed the water straight up inside her. Then it was her turn to yell and curse. He didn’t replace the dildo when he was done, but moved on.

If they were washing her off to cook and eat her, she prayed it would happen soon because the cage was unbearable, and being eaten was starting to sound like a better option than life on an alien planet.

She heard another sound behind her, and the dildo was abruptly shoved back inside and re-latched to the cage frame as she grunted in surprise.

A strange itch grew between her legs.  She squeezed her butt muscles to scratch it, but that only made it worse.  She was getting horny?

Oh, dear God, suddenly, here in the middle of who knows where, surrounded by aliens, she was so aroused she would have fucked a turtle. What the hell did they put on the dildo? She tried to slide back and forth on it but it was too thin to give relief.  Grinding on the plug in her ass, however, triggered heavenly sensations.  She was no longer in control of herself as she tried in vain to fuck the plug and feed the churning and twisting chaos inside of her.

And then she exploded into the most intense orgasm she’d ever had in her life.  She hit her head hard on the bars above.  A low, animal-like cry escaped through her nose as she thrashed about, the sensations rolling over and over her like ocean waves.

At last the orgasm released its grip and she could breathe.  She sagged in her bonds, her head resting on the bottom of the cage.  There were cries all around her, cries of ecstasy and dismay, echoing her own.

The itch wasn’t gone.  It was lurking in the corner, she could feel it.  She did her best to breathe through the urges and relax, to hold herself absolutely still.  She didn’t want another one.

She yelped in surprise when her cage was abruptly turned over so she was on her back. Her head dropped, hitting the bars underneath.  Her legs, secured as they were to the sides of the cage, were spread wide, and the beings stared between them, at her pussy. They were taller than any man on Earth could be, with a strange luminescence to their dark skin.  They looked at her as they talked and she caught flashes of more cat-like eyes, one pair green, and the other amber. Their physique, what she could see, looked close to humans.  She felt the skinny dildo being pulled out again and sighed in relief.

And then she knew she was in the Land of Oz. One alien lifted the dildo to his mouth - and licked it. And licked it again. He handed it to the other alien. He licked it, too.  And then he made a face.  There was wild gesticulating and discussion between them. The dildo was tossed to the ground, and her cage was turned back over. She was abruptly lifted off the floor, carried away from the group of women, and dropped in a dark corner of the building.

She struggled to make sense of what was going on.  She lost her control at last, letting out a piercing scream and rocking the cage from side to side until she was exhausted. Then she succumbed to frustrated and scared crying.

Suddenly there were feet in front of her.  The lid on the cage over her head popped open and she was able to lift her head for the first time, looking up - way up - at the figure towering over her. It was too dark in the corner to see him well, except for amber eyes that glowed in the dim light as they studied her silently.

She let out an angry huff. He reached his hand out and caught some of the long, damp strands of her hair,  letting them slip through his fingers. Then he put his hand on her head and stroked her from front to back.

Was she being petted?

“Stop it!  Get your fucking hands off of me!” she tried to yell, but it came out as garbled as everything else she’d tried to yell today. She snapped her head up and twisted, trying to dislodge his hand, wishing he’d take the gag out for just one moment so she could bite him. He made a noise that sounded suspiciously like laughter and she glared at him again.

He walked around the back of the cage.  Without warning, a finger invaded her pussy and pulled out.  She jerked and shrieked. He walked back to the front of the cage, sucking his finger.

Why the fuck were these aliens obsessed with what her pussy tasted like?

He paused and cocked his head, looking like he was thinking hard.  At least his response was more positive than the other aliens.

He reached over her head to pull the top of the cage down, snapping it shut and folding her up tight once more.  Then he walked away.


Shouts of welcome greeted the hunter’s ship as it returned to the wharf.  There hadn’t been a haul like this in years, and all of the workers on board, and on the docks, would be getting a pocket full of solluses tonight. Most of the solluses would be spent in the nectar houses, probably. As long as the workers were sober again  tomorrow, no one cared.

The earthquakes that opened up the doors between the two worlds had been unusually frequent these last two weeks.  The hunter crews had been dispersed in small speeders from the large vessel that patrolled the waters around the handful of towering, densely vegetated islands that were predicted to be the epicenter of the quakes.  When they sighted the burst of light that signaled the opening, they had about a minute to get to each one before it closed, and they missed most of the time.  But if they were fast, they had a few seconds to reach through the opening to grab the creature on the other side. The trip through the rift usually knocked the captive unconscious, which gave the hunters time to bind and cage them, and load them onto the ship that waited just off shore. They captured seventy-three this trip, enough to make the trip wildly successful.

The workers on the dock moved quickly. The cargo spoiled quickly in the heat.  Losing even one would decrease the profit, so they emptied the ship with as much haste as possible and moved all the cages into the warehouse, where they would be sorted and prepped for sale.

Joram Dersa had signed on to the crew just this morning.  Docks were fantastic places to make contacts and pick up odd jobs, some more lucrative than others. He planned to stay here for a while, sensing opportunities for profit among the thousands of transactions that took place here very day.

The foreman directed his group inside to clean and prep the cargo, and do a rough sorting before the assessors arrived in the morning. As he entered the building, he was almost overpowered by the stench of the creatures, who had been packed together tightly since their capture without any place to relieve themselves except inside their cage. Someone handed him a hose and he spent the better part of the next hour spraying down each cage through its metal bars, concentrating on the sources of the stench.  The creatures inside wiggled and twisted in response to the cold water, but when the crew was finally done, the building was much more pleasant.

The foreman and someone dressed formally and talking loudly walked among the cages, pinching, touching and tasting, and pointing for this one to go here, and that one to go there. Joram hadn’t seen the pre-sales side of the market before, and he was fascinated. He finished hanging up the hoses with another worker.

“What are they doing?” he asked.

“Grading their nectar.  All kinds of houses will be here tomorrow, from the ordinary to the exclusive, and the nectars are sorted to present each batch to the right kind of buyer.”

“Any private buyers as well?” Joram inquired.

“Probably. The private buyers will like the odds of finding a good one among this large a selection.”

A screech drew his attention to a dark corner of the building.  He raised his eyebrows as the cage began to rock back and forth, the occupant clearly not happy with the accommodations. “What's that one over there for?”

“Sometimes they find one that doesn’t taste right, and no one wants it.  There’s a hefty tax paid to the Crown for each one that’s captured and sold, and the tax is the same even if if can’t produce nectar. So it’s really not worth keeping if the nectar is no good, because the tax is more than the price someone would pay if it were sold as domestic help.  We stick it over there and then eventually toss it before it’s officially registered.”

“Toss it?  Like over the side of the ship?”

“Yeah. There's a spot in the water around Coeth Peak that's really deep close to shore. They hire someone to take them out and toss them in there. Those cages sink pretty fast.” He hung up the hose and walked back towards the other cages.

Out of curiosity, Joram walked over to the cage sitting by itself. He couldn’t see much except the creature’s back from the top of the cage.  Looking furtively around, he released the catch. As he lifted the top, the creature began to shake, and a muffled shriek erupted from behind the gag.  Its head rose up, and round green eyes, the color of the sea when its whipped by the wind, met his eyes with a glare that was understood around the universe as really, really, pissed off. He chuckled and petted the head.  It let out an indignant yell. He was glad it was gagged, or he might have lost a finger or two.

Out of curiosity and a desire to learn as much about any money-making business he could, he stepped behind the cage and swiped his finger through the creature’s nectar source. Expecting to taste something vile, he instead tasted something that was merely…odd. Something that brought up a memory from many years ago.

He pushed the top of the cage shut, and went back to work.

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